Friends and Supporters: Before I tell you about the up coming Spring SOS let me recap. We certainly  had an unprecedented inaugural Event in the Fall. Over 180 of you bravely signed on to this first time event and the results of your time, talents and energy were spectacular! We raised over 3 million lindens with a grand USD total of $11,118 USD  and with your help we are going to do it again, hopefully even better this time.   About MSF MSF stands for "Medicins Sans Frontieres." That's French for Doctors Without Borders, and was founded in Paris, France so they use the French version of the organization's acronym.  MSF/Doctors Without Borders mission is to provide medical treatment and care the world over to people in the most devastating and dire of conditions with neutrality. Often with great personal risk to their own safety and wellbeing.  For more info about them check out their info page here.  We want to support them and evidently, you do too! Why Second Life? Second Life, a community without borders, seems a perfect platform for an event to Support MSF/Doctors Without Borders. The response we received from people has been overwhelmingly positive.  People immediately recognized MSF/Doctors Without Borders and their message really resonates with many in here. Why A Spoonful of Sugar? Cute eh? Angel came up with that one!  A spoonful of sugar not only "helps the medicine go down," it can help it go "around" (the whole world) with MSF/Doctors Without Borders.  Each of us is a grain in that spoonful, and each an equally necessary and valued piece of a larger whole that means quality medical care for everyone, even those in the most desperate and frightening of situations.  We have quickly become known as "The SOS" for short, and we're fine with that!  About the SOS Team and Sponsors: We noted almost immediately that a team of incredibly talented and tireless people came together to make this happen.  We bring to you an organized, forward thinking and tireless team of coordinators, creators,  builders, developers and media talent! And with one behind us now, we are even mightier and more determined.  But for once (grin)  I will let the participants do the talking:  Angel and I and the SOS Team are so excited about the Spring 2017 SOS.  Read the sponsorship page and find the spot that's right for you in this incredible endeavor.  Spread the word, educate your customers and friends and come be part of the Spring 2017 Spoonful Of Sugar Festival to Benefit MSF/Doctors Without Borders. Join us. There is always more room for SL talent! (Especially highly skilled shoppers! :D) Use YOUR healthy obsessions to bring about positive change for those most in need of the basic right to medical care.
The Spoonful of Sugar Festival
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