Moroccan Nights

Moroccan Nights

Featuring [NyD]‘s gorgeous Moroccan Nights set available now at The Spoonful of Sugar Festival.

This is a gorgeous dress. From the beautiful gold details throughout the top and long transparent lace skirt that hangs low past the black cloth skirt so you can truly show off that beautiful lace detail while staying cool on your very own Moroccan night.

Whether you are out with your friends, your favorite lover, or on an adventure on your own; you will feel beautiful in this perfect in this gorgeous dress. With matching heels and a gorgeous necklace and earrings to complete it, you won’t regret this great purchase all while remembering you helped such an amazing cause like MSF/Doctor’s Without Borders.

So come find the [NyD] shop at Spoonful of Sugar and buy this beautiful set and don’t forget to enjoy the stroll through beautiful New England to find your other new favorite treasures.

For more details you can check out my personal blog post “Untitled”


A Sunday Afternoon at Spoonful of Sugar

What a wonderful day Sunday was for The Spoonful of Sugar Festival and I am so thankful that I got to spend such a great part of the day at it with husband and friends.

Sunday started with a fashion show that was sponsored by Fabia Hair who are the featured shop on the shopping sim 1.  Fabia is one of my very favorite hair shops in Second Life. They make beautiful natural looking hair that flows beautifully. I can never praise or recommend them enough and I was happy to not only see them at the festival but to see them so involved with it. And I was especially happy to see them sponsor such a great fashion event to show off some of my favorite clothing options at Spoonful of Sugar this month.

The Fabia and 1st – 2cnd Tier Fashion show was a great event put on by AIM Agency. The fashion show included outfits by Entrapting Elegance Contour, “Tazz”, IKWE Boutique, Dulce Secrets, LUXE Paris, Ever an’ Angel, and many other’s. All hair was from Fabia and offered many beautiful style’s that completed every outfit.

It was a truly entertaining event with lots of beautiful fashion put on by a truly professional staff in honor of MSF/Doctor’s Without Borders. Don’t forget every purchase you make at Spoonful of Sugar donates money to MSF/DWB! Thank you to AIM Agency and all staff involved in the show for such a well done and professional event!

If you’re sad you missed it, do not worry, there will be another event next weekend at 11am at the Spoonful of Sugar Fashion & Events tent, along with other great events all weekend long!

After the fashion show was an Auction put on by Stray Cats that raised an amazing amount of money for MSF/DWB! I was unfortunately unable to attend the auction, but from everything I heard about the event, I am truly disappointed to miss such an exciting event. I congratulate Stray Cats on doing such a great job and raising as much money as they did for such an amazing cause.

The day was finished with an amazing panel discussion about MSF/DWB with 2 volunteers from MSF/DWB who have been involved with them for many years, traveling the world and risking so much to make life easier for so many people from all ages. From doing small things like coloring with children to help them calm down after such traumatic events they have faced to being in a war torn area to help people who are dying, and all cases in between. They talked about all the wonderful things that MSF/DWB do for the entire world and what a great impact it has on the countries it goes too. Whether they be there for a short time or decades. They truly do change the world and the volunteers that give so much are some truly amazing people. It was a really great talk that my husband and I were both very happy that we attended and wished that we had been able to talk our friends and family into coming as well.  Ever and Trader did a wonderful job on the panel and I can’t thank Melissa and Sandy enough for taking the time and sharing their stories with us and for everything they do to make the world a better place.

If you would like to listen to the interview, you can do so here and I truly do recommend it.

It was a great weekend and great day at The Spoonful of Sugar Event and I hope that everyone can join us next weekend for more amazing live singers, more fashion, and other great events. You can see the Event Schedule on the Spoonful of Sugar Website.

Can’t wait to see you there!


Spoonful of Sugar Festival – Panic Mode

I am eclectic! Actually, I’m a little panicked; time got away from me and I have oh, about a zillion posts to do for the Spoonful of Sugar Festival! Could I admit defeat and bail? No, I can’t, because this Festival is too important. It benefits Doctors Without Borders. Not only is it a huge event spanning four sims (shoppingggggg!) but it’s for such a worthy cause. Here are a few of the offerings available by the incredibly talented designers. You may ask, what am I going to do with this cute little fan in my mouth? Wink. I’m not sayin’ other than ALL the items are fabulous, from my hair accessories, my outfit to the house and welcome chalkboard behind me!
Hair Accessories – Ayame Ame
Dress – [EvelineInTheBox]
Ginny (Blue) – Also in Orange, White
Maitreya, Slink(s), Belleza(s), Fitted, Standard Mesh
House/Welcome Post – Raindale
Kenward (fall edition)
Event:  Spoonful of Sugar Festival
September 16th – October 1st !!
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Hi Everyone!

First off I’m very excited to tell you Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) is going strong! If you have not yet been there you must pop over for tons of great shopping and loads of fun events. This Sunday, September 24th starts with a fabulous fashion show by AIM at 11am SLT. The show has a wide range of designers showing their SOS specials and featuring Fabia Hair, which I’m showing in the photo below. The style is called “Anastasia” by Fabia and I’m wearing a shade from the natural colors HUD. After the fashion show is a Stray Cats Auction at 1pm SLT followed by a Panel Discussion with MSF/Doctors Without Borders Workers and Ever Courtois, presented by T1Radio. Click HERE to head to the SOS entertainment area. Click HERE to attend the SOS auction. Hope to see you there!

Fabia for SOS 2017 1_001

Fashionably Yours…





Hi Sugar!

Yesterday I got to see DANCE XCETERA do their thing, the sets where absolutely stunning and met the theme of each type of dance perfectly making an amazing atmosphere for both dancer and their audience. The opening dance actually took my breath away, so elegant and at the same time moody and expressive, Just so brilliantly done! The hip-hop dance crew did not disappoint either, sharp and uniformed dance moves fresh from the street and full of attitude! The subway was a perfect choice of scenery with graffiti splashed on the walls and the empty tube that was almost abandoned, perfect! From there to the King of Rock N Roll, A gasp as a Pink Cadillac rose from the mechanics pit, bright and sparkling with a fresh valet, car wash and a wax that looked as though it had been through a training session with Mr Miyagi and the Karate Kid himself *chuckles* The car decorated with a fine lookin’ cabaret dancer on the car hood! NICE TOUCH! She hops off and joins her fellow dancers on the Casino stage. All bet’s off because this dance team are clearly already winners, Thank you   DANCE XCETERA for such an amazing show and thank you to our events coordinator and fashion liaison Essy Luv.

If you missed our on the fun yesterday do not fear S.O.S ARE HERE to bring you another FABULOUS line-up! It all starts at 11am SLT with a Fashion Show bought to you By no other than the incredible FABIA! Soon after and starting at 1pm SLT is the STRAY CATS AUCTION and will continue through to 3pm! The cherry on the top is EVERYTHING S.O.S is about, come along and meet the Doctors who rely on OUR donations to attend the needy regardless of race, sexual preference, religion and gender. MSF gives assistance to people based on need. WATCH THIS VIDEO. It says it so much better! PS: The heart and soul behind S.O.S Ever Courtois will be there!

Below are a few pictures I snapped at the event, they’re cropped raw shots, no edit and no filter. Enjoy! See you there 🙂






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All things bright and beautiful

The Event is in full swing. Over the Million in donations and so many lovely comments on the decorations and the items available. Last night was L$1,207,084.

Thanks a Million!


This charity Event is in support of Medecins Sans Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders. They are currently assisting in Mexico as a result of the earthquake. Read about it here…

How can you help?  You can donate directly or, if you are like me, just go shopping!  If there is nothing you like here I’d be shocked! Every vendor has an item that gives 100% to the charity plus others that have 50% etc.


At SIM 4, the Red Barn holds some of the AlaFolie Collection. There are some great outfits available. This is the ALICE dress. It comes in white, pink and blue. Fittings for Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Tonic Curvy & Fine. It costs 245L and 50% of the proceeds are donated. It has two parts, a jupon and a robe – the flower motif and lace is so pretty.


The SOS Event features a Gacha Orchard , FOUR shopping SIM locations  SIM1, SIM2, SIM3, SIM4, an Auction arena, Festival area, Entertainment area and a Raffle area. Going to take a few visits to get round it all but it is a beautiful place for a walk! Don’t forget to get a raffle ticket…and throw some loose Lindens in the little sugar jars that are strewn about.

So What’s On this weekend!

Here’s a list of the events for you to enjoy at the Entertainment Area.

Saturday 23rd

12:00 pm  SLT       MEESHY                   

  1:00 pm  SLT       DANCE XCETERA         

  2:00 pm  SLT       AMFORTE CLARITY     

  3:00 pm  SLT       VARDA                      

Sunday 24th

11:00 am  SLT        General Fashion Show Featuring Hair by Fabia    

  1:00 pm  SLT        Stray Cats Auction  (Auction)                                     

  3:30 pm  SLT    T1Radio Presents a Panel Discussion

                          with MSF/Doctors Without Borders Workers and Ever Courtois


And I’m celebrating too.  My 250th post!

Dress by AlaFolie